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My names Meghan, nickname Megsie (among others), and this is just a blog that i'm going to post quotes, doodles, or personal texts down. (: There's not much to hide, after all ^^ I'm 19 with a January birthday.
In any case, please feel free to ask me anything, comment, suggest, request, etc. etc. in my box and I'll do my best to respond!! :D
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4 July 14

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27 September 13

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20 September 13

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Only on Tumblr could you find advice on being buried alive in the same post as advice on cereal dust.

some of these might actually be helpful but please do not put your fruit in the dishwasher everyone will be pissed off please


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Makes me miss being in Levittown in fall.


Makes me miss being in Levittown in fall.

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24 August 13

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